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ATTRACT & CONVERT more Leads with ChatBots
Chatbots simply make it easier for  your customers to buy from you.
ChatBots are not the next Fad... they are the future and it's here!
  •  Your customers and prospects USE and WANT them:
  • As consumers we want answers now, and research says 40% of consumers don't care where they get their information from. Human or robot, it doesn't matter, so long as they get the help they need.
  • Just Think about it, how do you prefer to talk to people in the office, to friends and family... yes you guessed it, it's via a chat bot (from messenger, whatsapp, slack etc). WHY would you think that your customers are different?
  •  The Open and Opt in Rates are AMAZING! 
  • Email open and engagement rates are falling while open rates are as high as 90% in messenger, and using them for webinars means more people sign up... and more importantly show up. BUT Bots are also a perfect way to increase your email open rates.
  •   With Chatbots starting to take payments you can make sales in the channel = less friction =more sales. 
  • Between 2015 and 2016, ecommerce purchases through WeChat more than doubled.
Stats That Matter
Gartner says that by 2020 we will have more conversations with bots than with our partners :)

2. The wonderful thing about Bots is they suit any size business
Our Bots help our customers with the following
  •  Lead generation: Nurturing targeted leads and advancing them through your sales pipeline
  •  Account management: Being on hand, especially on a B2B level, to answer common queries and concerns that clients have.  
  •  Events: ChatBots are great at distributing event information, increasing signups and remind people of upcoming dates.
  •  Selling online: Customers can purchase goods and services from ChatBots almost instantly, making transactions more personal.  
  •  Nurture: Send out post sale messages, cross sell and up-sell to existing customers. 
  •  Customer support : Let bots handle the monotonous tasks so your teams can focus 100% on tasks that require a human touch. 
  •  Research : ask questions to establish your target markets challenges, develop solutions to solve them and market to the right people.  
  •  Run Webinars and improve attendance by up to 55% AMAZING! 
  •  Run competitions: When launching a new service or product, give people a chance to win, and build a very engaged launch list. 
“86% of millennials they spoke to would like brands to use ChatBots to promote deals, products and services, and 67% say they’re very likely to purchase from a ChatBot (Forrester Research).

We Are Digital Marketer Certified Specialists
Make Digital Work brings together a team of Specialist Digital Marketers who can deliver laser focused solutions that puts your marketing activity on autopilot, with carefully constructed systems and processes, that deliver your message in a cohesive way, to exactly the right people, all to drive your number 1 objective - BRING IN MORE CUSTOMERS TO LOVE!

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